Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Long Overdue Update

This post is long overdue.  They say "time flies".  Kacee and I have never agreed more.

We have so much to share.  Taking this on one piece at a time (one post at a time), I'll begin with the chief character of our lives, and then cover the rest of the family.

Jesus continues to amaze us.  He shows up in countless ways...love, peace, provision, grace, guidance, finances, etc.  Although we've been streaky in our wholehearted pursuit of Him, our faith has unwavered as He continues to remain faithful to us.  We serve an awesome God.

Our little family has grown to four.  A short month after Landry's birthday this year, we welcomed brother Hayes Jameson Dahlberg, on July 20th.  He's already a big ol' boy, measuring in the 97th % in length!  His birth week was flawless and within days he was home.  Landry Kate has smothered him with love since the day she laid eyes on him.  She thinks he is the coolest thing and it truly melts our hearts to watch her care for her little brother.  As of this post, LKD is now 2.5 years old, while HJD just turned 5 months.

Quick recap on each of us:

Landry Kate - 2.5 years old; healthy and hilarious; I've never known a child with a sweeter disposition...she smiles and waves to everyone at the grocery store; she gives unsolicited hugs; her nose kisses will brighten your day.  She has graduated from all of her therapies except for speech (weekly therapies for her chewing and verbal communication).  She loves Kid's Day Out at CBC.  It has yielded noticeable social/developmental  progress.  With regards to her heart, our doctors are thrilled with her checkups and only ask to see her every six months.  Her next surgery date is years away, given that she continues to have excellent reports.

Hayes Jameson - 5 months;  loves drinking milk shakes; he smiles constantly (until you point a camera at him); I've been told he is my "mini me"; already wears 9-12 month outfits; blue eyes; and when those eyes are crying, he screeches at a different volume than we're used to; He is as healthy as they come and seems to display quite a resilience to all of Landry's love germs.

Kacee - 32 years; SuperMom; an innate parenting style that makes Jesus proud; Landry's traits are reflective of the love she receives from her Maker and mother; she makes it look easy; 2015 brought a new beginning to another one of her passions: counseling; Kacee finished her required hours and is officially a LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor); She continues to work part time with patients of varying age groups, and full time with her live-in patient (me); She is gifted at speaking truth and love (2 Tim 1:7); she continues to surround herself with Godly friends; I wish I pursued my friends with the same fervor; 5 months postpartum and she looks amazing; always trying new clean eating recipes; still getting 5+ workouts in a week; Although a little low on sleep these days, her positive outlook and selfless approach to our life continues to be an inspiration to me.

Kyle - 32 years; Proud Horned Frog; still enjoying Sales for Weatherford; oil prices have fallen to a 6 year low which has made for a difficult year (lots of change) in the oilfield; altogether, I enjoy my day to day job and the people I work with; still giving baseball lessons a few times a month (it's enough to keep my arm in shape); outdoor hobbies of hunting/fishing take place less often these days; the more convenient hobbies have improved, ie. cooking, BBQ, reading children's books with various accents, assembling IKEA purchases, organzing the garage just to have it look like crap within a couple weeks, yard/house maintenance; still involved with IO (Immersion Outfitters) men's ministry; eagerly waiting for God to provide me with a Shark Tank idea...by the end of my day, my brain is mush; bedtime is still way too late; my bucket list continues to grow; I'm craving a new adventure for the calendar; I LOVE being a husband and father; I pray for each of us to flourish; and like all parents, I seek to cherish all the memories as they seemingly fly by.

Look for more posts in the near future.  2016 will begin my re-dedication to blogging our journey.

Lastly, Kacee and I have recently joined Instagram.  Follow us: @dahli36 and @kacee.dahlberg


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